Choose from a custom-made template set and make your own website or we can build it for you.

Websites Designed For 2017 & Beyond

  • This year brings higher Internet speeds so web users want to see videos, large images and photo displays on their hand held mobile devices as well as on their laptop and desktop computers.
  • We have a large library of website components which include full screen videos, full screen carousels and full screen images with overlays and animations designed to make a dynamic looking header, all ready to be customised for your new website.
  • Our products are at affordable prices!
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Save time, hassle and money! A different approach...

Option 1 - Cost Saver

  • Have a professionally made custom template set. You can clone pages then edit text and photos yourself using our CMS.
  • We will help with all the hard bits such as videos, making the contact form and linking the menus.

Option 2 - Time Saver

  • We produce your complete website at affordable prices and publish it. All we will need is your text, videos & photos on time.
  • You can use our CMS to edit change, delete or add text & photos. If you prefer we can update your site.
Easy site builder

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So Where Exactly Do I Start?

You probably wouldn't be here if you hadn't decided you need a website or a blog but don't know what direction to go in.

There are plenty of good platforms, many free, that you can use to build your first site or blog.

But hey! Aren't you busy running your business? You are already doing a 9 to 5 plus...

Chances are that you haven't got the time to learn something that you have never done before or maybe just don't want to!

First you have to research all the different platforms. Should you use a hosted system or not? Then you have to set it up and choose from a pile of templates. Then you have to learn how to modify it and add your content. Then there is the SEO which is making it search engine friendly... plus a whole pile more!

When you have done all that you find out that there are limits on your choice. If it wasn't bad enough spending all that extra time after work getting this far you discover you have to start again!

Using our CMS is so easy and you won't need hours to learn how to use it - clone a page, rename it, edit what is there or copy a section and edit that. If you have any problems we will fix them for you.

Template Sets For You To Build Up The Site Yourself

We will make a main template that you can clone for further content, one for a map, one for a contact form, one for videos, one for a photo slideshow or image gallery and one for terms / policies.

Making it easy for you

The hard part will be the navigation however this will be no problem for you as each time you create a new page just tell us the day before and we will do that for you. We will even take care of submitting any news pages to Google, Bing & Yahoo with our Webmasters Tools Accounts.

Need video added?

No headaches allowed! Simply send us your video using our large file transfer system and we will take care of that for you. We will upload it for you, publish it on a web page, add any posters you want and ensure it will work in small devices such as mobile phones. Just tell us where you want it inserted.

Need a new slideshow added?

Again, no problem. We will do that for you. Simply send us your pics using the same large file transfer system as above and we will do that for you too.

Help all the way

If you need any technical help with any aspect of running your website or blog we are here!

Domain Name & Hosting

Don't worry about these 2 guys - both included with each subscription package for 12 months! The domain name can have either a .com or extension.

The subscription packages can be renewed before expiry.

Contact Forms

Our websites come with 1 contact form as part of each package.

Our blogs come with 2 contact forms as part of each package. A general contact form and one whereby people can subscribe to receive notifications of new blog posts. The latter is recommended but optional. Anyone completing and sending any form will be automatically sent a receipt for their submission.

Collecting Payments Online

We can integrate PayPal and Stripe into our forms system so you can collect money 24/7 from around the world.

Access to the forms control panel allows you easy management.

Available Packages

We currently offer 4 packages.

No doubt you will have some questions...

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