Custom Made Websites with Easy CMS
Clone, rename pages & edit your content

Are you a photographer that needs a professionally made mobile first website that you can update yourself?

We offer ideal website solutions for the self employed and small to medium size businesses!

A totally different approach to same you a lot of time!

All businesses need a website these days.

Whether you need a brochure website or an online shop not having a website means you cannot complete with your competitors online.

Don't risk losing a customer!

If you only have a brochure website and it being used just to find your telephone number could mean the difference in getting a sale.

Option 1 - 7 Day Free Trial

We create a standard template that you can use to add photos with repeatable sections using our CMS. The free trial template is a single column design and the photos can have different aspect ratios and sizes. They will be published in a sub folder on the domain:

Option 2 - Cost Saver

We build a main template for an intro describing you and your business as well as a photo gallery template that you can clone, add repeatable sections, rename the pages, edit the text and photos with our CMS. We will also give you a contact page with a working form.

Option 3 - Time Saver

We build your entire website. It will be a full working custom made site designed to suit your needs which you can edit with our CMS if you so wish - if not we can manage that for you. There is no restriction to the number of web pages however the more you have the higher the cost.

Using The CMS

The CMS is an online application meaning there is no software to download or update - you will always have access to the latest version.

Simply connect to any internet connected computer anywhere in the world!

No technical skills needed.

Change the text and photos easily and quickly using our CMS.

  • Add, edit or remove text and photos
  • You can even build up your website: Clone & rename web pages
  • Add content with our Repeatable Sections
  • Full email support

The following are included in Web Weaver Site Builder Option 1 (Free Trial Version)

  • Hosting in a sub folder on
  • A single column web page - maximum 50 photos
  • Automatic Photo Numbering
  • Photo Descriptions & Captions
  • The Cookie Control System and Policies Page will be part of our website

The following are included in Web Weaver Site Builder Options 2 & 3

  • An SSL Certificate
  • 12 months web hosting - renewable annually
  • A domain name for 12 months - renewable annually
  • Options of 1, 2, 3 or 4 column responsive photo templates
  • Automatic Photo Numbering
  • Photo Descriptions & Captions
  • Email accounts - i.e.
  • A Cookie Control System as required by law
  • A policies page as required by law - we will discuss the content when we make contact
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and submitting your site to the 3 major search engines - Google, Bing & Yahoo

The following are optional at extra cost in Web Weaver Site Builder Options 2 & 3

  • Sell your work online by taking card payments - gateway required such as Stripe, PayPal etc
  • A domain name alias such as a .com alias for a domain name - renewable annually
  • Password protected sub folders (sub directories)
  • Analytics

Process - Option 1

  • You will need to register
  • When your registration has been approved we will send you login details

Process - Option 2

  • You will need to register
  • We make contact by phone to discuss your website project
  • We build the main & gallery templates along with the contact page
  • You will then be able to login to our Content Management System (CMS) to begin cloning, renaming pages and editing
  • When you have finished building up your website we will carry out the search engine optimisation process (SEO)

Process - Option 3

  • You will need to register
  • We make contact by phone to discuss your website project
  • We build the website, optimise it for search engines (SEO) and publish it
  • You have the choice of using our CMS or we can arrange a maintenance plan and do it for you